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Jason Kantz

Angela Kantz

Optimizing Search: The 8 Puzzle
2005-06-01     Jason
An 8-puzzle involves moving the puzzle from a starting state to a solution state with many options in between. This paper explores breadth-first search, depth-first search, hill-climbing, and the optimization of A* using the profiling tools provided with CMU Common Lisp.

Open Domain Question Answering on the WWW
2001-08-01     Jason
Ideally, a question answering system that uses the WWW as its knowledge base would be able to answer a broad range of questions. Practically, the size and unstructured nature of the WWW makes this a very difficult task. This paper reviews three systems: FAQ Finder, START, and MULDER which take different approaches to question answering. The FAQ Finder System uses FAQ files and the WordNet lexicon as its knowledge base. START uses sentence level natural language processing to match questions with sentence representations stored in its knowledge base derived from resources on the WWW. MULDER attempts to find answers using search engines that index the WWW.

A Cargo Planning, Analysis, and Configuration System for the International Space Station
2001-03-01     Jason
Flight 7A.1 was the first space station resupply flight to be planned and integrated using a Common Lisp application called the Cargo Planning and Analysis System (CPACS). This paper describes my early experience with Common Lisp and outlines some of the features of Allegro Common Lisp that were utilized in the development of the CPACS.

Application of Sweeping Techniques to Reverse Engineering (PDF 670 KB)

This investigation of the reverse engineering process presents an approach for recovering three types of swept surfaces. These recovery techniques all depend on an approach presented for recovering curves by projecting a set of points onto a slicing plane for curve approximation. The approach is demonstrated on a number of examples that include data collected from parts scanned with a Minolta Vivid 900 3-D scanner.

Boston Duckling Walk
2011-08-04     Angela
Trace the steps of the ducklings in Robert McCloskey's classic book, Make Way for Ducklings.

Our Move to Cambridge
2006-08-01     Jason
In July 2006 I moved with my wife and daughter to Cambridge, MA from Michigan. Here I share our various mistakes and hurdles, as well as thoughts on how we could have planned better with hindsight in our favor.